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Dear Friends:

I have greatly enjoyed the three years that I spent as Director of Arteamericas, but I have just submitted my resignation to Leslie Pantin and Emilio Calleja, owners of the fair,  for several reasons. The loss of major funding last year makes it necessary to rethink the format of the event, and the fair will have a new time frame and a much smaller format. These changes will probably be very beneficial for the organization, but the prospect of a reduced fair made me reconsider my involvement. I will miss being involved with the lovely people who form the Arteamericas team, and I fervently wish that all of the new plans give the fair a new injection of enthusiasm and quality.

I have been involved in some capacity with this fair since its inception 11 years ago, and I think that it has been a major force in our cultural community, a role which I hope it will play with ever-increasing importance.

As you all know, my efforts in my personal property and arts appraisal business have continued during my tenure at the fair, and I am delighted to report that this last year has been spectacular. New assignments from new clients, as well as my continuing service to the museums, collectors, attorneys and accounting firms of this wonderful area have increased. A broad spectrum of assignments have taken me and my appraisal staff on new adventures into the areas of art, not only from Latin America and the United States, but also European old masters, European furniture, Asian art, and many others. We are all enjoying these projects and the fact that we can offer such a variety of services.  Some of these projects have been for charitable donations to museums, others have been estate appraisal or insurance valuations, as well as some collectors who want an update on the value of their holdings. All have been interesting and enjoyable.

Please call us if you have questions about the appraisal world. We’d love to tell you a bit more about what we do!


Dora Valdés-Fauli

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